Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Once In A Blue Moon

Yeaaay finally updating my blog again! (although this is the midterm week /sigh/). Well today, Wednesday, March 9th, 2016, there was a rare moment happened in Indonesia. There was a total solar eclipse happened in here, but from my town, I could see only about 88% of the eclipse. But, I was happy tho lol. There're some of my friends who went to Bosscha to see the eclipse too, but I decided not to join them because I was too lazy hahaha. So, me and my friends went to the nearest mosque to do a 'Sholat Gerhana' and after that we saw the eclipse.

Those 2 photos represented the situation in the mosque this morning. Wow, Eid Fitr vibe!

I was totally amazed by the eclipse tho.

After the eclipse happened, me and my friends went to McD. Then I met my senior high school friends, yeay! After having some conversations, we decided to move to a new place, and we chose Hangar. It's located in Dago area in Bandung. It's a nice place I think and the place is beautiful enough.

 Introducing my senior high school friends: Ami and Aira!

I need to explore some good places again in Bandung lol. Hope I can have some spare times to do that huhu :" But seriously, I was so happy today because I could witnessing a very rare moment!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Random Shots

Holidaaaaay, but sadly I spend my holiday in my hometown tho. Besides that sadness, I also feel happy because I can meet my old friends in holiday, yey. But, yesterday I went to Jakarta with my mother, brother, and sister. We accompanied our mother to do her businesses so yey we were so happy to go to other city lol. 

Several weeks ago, I decided to buy a new camera--which was the mirrorless one. I just got interested in mirrorless cameras, so I searched some infos about those cameras, and my choice fell on Fujifilm X-A2 and Samsung NX3000. Well yeah in the end I bought Samsung NX3000 hahaha. So I decided to take my camera with me when we went to Jakarta and I took some pictures and I'm so in love with this camera huhuhu (omg to many 'and's in a sentence lol) (pls ignore this)

    Memories by Lang Leav!!! omg I really want to buy that book. (P.S. this picture was taken with my handphone lol)

 lol my brother looks creepy in there

I think the photos turn out very good and huft I'm in love with that camera. I should explore that camera again lol.

Monday, December 28, 2015


2015 is about to over and I feel a bit sad because 2015 is kind of a great-but-there're-some-sad-moments year for me, lol. In this year, I finally became a college student, yeaaaay. I'm so happy about it. Finally, I could continue my study in a good university in Bandung and I was proud of it. I also felt kinda excited to live alone far from my family hahaha, but sometimes I missed my hometown, ugh.

Well, I was proud of my friends too because they became a college student in some good universities. I felt like our efforts for the last 6 months in school were paid. Hope that we can be success later in the future, friends!

So, here's the photo of my new college friends~! I'm so happy to know them and hope that we can work together as a team and a family, yeay.


Monday, July 27, 2015


Finally my highschool yearbook is out! I'm so excited to see all the photos in the book. Glad that the yearbook is good and pretty tho. Those photos are amazing and great. I'm so happy to see all my friends's faces in the book lol.

my class <3 p="">
gonna miss them so much, seriously.

my group's photos!

love this photo so much.

so happy that there's a blank page for my friends's signatures. 

So that's my yearbook. It's pretty, isn't it? I'm sure I will miss my friends so much. I will miss the school and also the moments too. Those 3 years are unforgettable, really. Hope that all my friends can do their best in their college's life. Can't wait for the next reunion, lol.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Being Productive

So hi everyone! Finally I have some inspirations to write again in this blog. Currently I'm in holiday right now and just in a month I will go to college. I don't know what to do in this-long-holiday haha. I really want to be productive again, like doing some letter swaps or postcard swaps. I'm kinda missing that activity. I really want to send some postcards and get some stamps again. 

I got those stamps from my penpal-ling friends. I do love stamps. They're beautiful. I want to collect more but ugh collecting stamps need a lot of money. I also have a plan to send some Lebaran cards, but idk I'm too lazy to go to the post office lol. 

I also need to send those postcards tho. Those postcards are from Keri Smith's Everything Is Connected. Those postcards are so funny actually, I want to do something with those postcards but still have no idea. I haven't finished my Wreck This Journal yet haha. Actually, there are a lot of things that I can do in this holiday, but in reality I do nothing lol. I just spend my holiday by playing laptop or handphone like everyday, it's not productive huft. I really need to be productive. Hope I can do something with those postcards or write some letters so that I won't be that bored. ehe.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hardest Goodbye, Maybe?

Omg I miss my blog so much! been busy because of those examination things ugh. So, I just wanna share about my last class in high school since I've never talked about it before ehe.

Hm, actually I don't know what I want to write aha, I just can't describe them. At first, I felt a little bit worry for being in that class. Since my class was the last in the science program, so yeah I was a bit worry. But I was wrong. This class was so fun and amazing tho! I'm just happy having them in my last year in high school. ((omg i'm being so cheesy right now))

I know I'm gonna miss them later. Hope we can reach our dreams yea, and gather again later. Maybe in 5 years?

See ya!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Year to Remember

It's so sad that actually I will go into 12th grade and I should say goodbye to my 11th grade's classmates. Though it was awkward in the beginning, but we can go well in the end. We've been through all the happy and sad moments. Like seriously, I'm going to miss all the moments and the jokes for sure! Hahaha. 

All I wanna say is thank you very much. Thank you for all the photos and infos (ifyouknowwhatimean), thank you for the naruto games, thank you for all the stories, thank you for the gossips lol, thank your for accepting my alayness, thank you for sharing the tasks together, thank you for the teamwork, thank you for the joy, thank you for the good experiences, thank you for all! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME, TBH.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Before The Exam

We had a national holiday on Tuesday. I and my younger sister and brother decided to play outside, went to a mall. So, we decided to go to kind of a trick art in a local mall. We had fun there hahaha, we took a lot of photos! It's good to release your stress for a while before the final exam (yes, the exam will be held next week lmao). I enjoyed it so much! :)

my favorite art there

lol creepy one?

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Finally I can update my blog again wuhuuu! On May 14th 2014 I celebrated my 17th birthday (YES I'M 17 NOW OMG) I just can believe that I'm that old right now hahaha. I did a lot of fun with my friends yesterday night. 

I also received some gifts from my friends, here are the gifts:

 I like Ayu's drawing here, it's so pretty :3

 100 facts, greetings and wishes from Dwista! wow I'm quite shocked to find 100 papers here lol


and these old stamps from Uli!!!! omg I like it sooo much <3 div="">

I'm so happy to receive all the gifts! All the gifts are so pretty and useful and omg creative, I'm crying :'') I really appreciate it ^^

But unfortunately, there's a sad news that come from my idol (idk i want to believe or not but this is too sad). You can check the news on twitter/website/or another sources. I...I really can't handle my feeling huhu, but all I want right now is the true info. Hope the good news will come, cheers!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Saturday, Already

D-2 and holiday will over. sobs. I really to stay at home in the last 2 days because I need to do those homeworks (like seriously, there are a lot). I also spend this week off by watching Reply 1994 (I get addicted to that k-drama!!!). That drama is good I think. I'm not a fan of k-drama, but seriously Reply 1994 is good good good!!! I also received some letters and postcards these days (it made my day yeay), the postcards and the stamps that I got are so pretty ;_; you can check it here: aletterbox. So, today I make some quotes cards (or whatever you called it; greeting cards etc etc) using rhonna design. That application is very pretty ;)

here are some of the examples: