Thursday, May 31, 2018

Beauty 101: Skincare

Because of many people were talking about skincare nowadays, I (suddenly) want to share about the skincare products that I use too lol (it's weird because I rarely talk about these girly things....even with my friends...haha). So yep, I was starting into skincare things last year (well, I know I'm a bit late lol) and I just figured out that taking care of our skin is actually a good thing to do. So, I did some research and I watched a lot of youtube videos about skincare to know what kind of skincare products which is suitable for me. Before deciding the skincare products that should be used, we should know our skin type first. Well for me, I thought that my skin was an oily type at first, but it turns out to be the normal one. But, because there're still some oily parts in my face, so I decided that my skin type is the combination one. These are the products that I use:

I found these products work well for me. So, I guess, if you have the similar skin type with me, you can take this post as a recommendation hehe. (a disclaimer: I'm not a beauty expert so please don't expect something from this post lol and it's based on my preferance~)

1. Cleansing

These are the cleansers that I use. I usually do a double cleansing every day (although I only wear powder + lip product every day). So, I use the micellar water first, then I wash my face with the garnier one. I use the emina one only in the morning hehe. The reason why I use different cleansing foam in the morning and night is because I just feel like the garnier one is too harsh to use in the morning hehe, so I prefer a gentle cleansing foam for morning cleansing and I like the emina one (the foam is not that much).

After I clean my face, I do the moisturizing part right after it hahaha. I don't put any essences or serums because I still haven't tried it hehe. But sometimes I put a toner and the toner that I use is from Viva, the Lemon one. I rarely use it now because I'm just too lazy to put it + sometimes it makes a small acne appears in my face. I don't know why.....

2. Exfoliating

I love this part so much! Because it makes your skin smoother and cleaner hahaha. I really love those two products because it really gives you that effect. Actually, there's one more exfoliating product that I use ㅡ The Body Shop, Drop of Youth Exfoliating Gel (sorry no photo because I don't bring it to my hometown). I use the The Body Shop one every Saturday and I use the St.Ives one for every 2 days. I use the Oatmeal Scrub whenever I think that my face is not that dirty and I use the Apricot Scrub whenever I think that I've been through a hard day hahaha. I use the exfoliating products after I clean my face.

3. Moisturizing

I really love this product! This product gives you a cooling effect and it really suitables for relaxing hahaha. I use a moisturizer as the last step in my skincare routine (yes, I put it every night and just leave it until the next morning). For every day moisturizer, I don't use the Nature Republic one because it really takes time to dry, so I use the Wardah one instead.

4. Masks

Another favorite part! I really love Innisfree's masks. I use the Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask on every Sunday and for the sheet mask, I just wear it whenever I want to. The reason why I use the purifying one...I don't know lol. I bought it because I saw it in Produce 101 and I guess purifying was really needed especially after been through a hard week in college hahahaha. And for the sheet mask, oh seriously, this lime sheet mask is the best sheet mask ever, I guess? It really brightens your skin right after you use it until the next morning!

5. Blackhead Caring

I bought this because I really want to try whether this product is effective enough or not to clean my blackheads, and the answer is....not that effective (uh so sad). This product makes your nose skin smoother but doesn't really clean the blackheads. Maybe I should try to use it more? Hehehe. But I like it.

Sooo yep, that was the products that I use to take care of my skin. I'm sorry if the explanation is not that good because I still can't make good sentences to describe a good skincare product lol (my skincare's knowledge is still low tho). I know that my step is quite short but this is the best thing that I can receive for now hehe. Hope you find this post helpful!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Day Well Spent

Sooooo finally I'm writing something again in here! Yay!
I'm so happy because the final exam is finally over and I really want to do a lot of things that I have postponed before hahaha. So, nowadays, I'm just being kind of addicted to 'kopi susu' (please, I don't like coffee before, but...everything....changes...) and I really want to explore some good cafes in Bandung. On April, I had a chance to visit one of those cafes. The name of the cafe is Yumaju Coffee and it's located on Maulana Yusuf street. I really love the interior design of the cafe. Although the place is a bit small, it still feels comfortable.

a latte that I bought!

I really love this place and I think this gonna be my favorite kind of a place for escaping lol. I'd love to come back again! Hahahaha. Oh and for the price itself, it's not that pricey I think? And I'm sorry I can't give any details about the dishes because I just bought a latte that day haha.

So, what are you guys into lately?

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saving Plan Project

Hi! Omg finally I can post something again to this blog haha. Oh ya, it's been 3 weeks since the 1st day of  the new semester (yes, I'm in the third year now. Wow. I can't believe) huhu time flies so fast, really. So, in this new year, I make a resolution to save more money for my kind of self satisfactory lol. At first, I don't have any methods for saving the money, but after I saw a post about Saving Plan Project in twitter, I became interested and decided to do the same thing. The method is quite interesting and also it's based on our favorite things or works or whatever you want.

So this is my Saving Plan Project for this year. I choose my favorite groups as my parameter to save the money (because they often update something so it'll affect my savings too, haha!). I also made a tracking page to see how much I earned in that month. I guess this method is really effective because I have to save the money whenever my favorites drop some photos/tweets/new videos and I can't undo it because I can't deny my own promise hehe.

Hope you guys can do some good resolutions too in this year!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Another Cafe Trip

Finally I can write something again in here and I want to share about a cafe in Bandung! So, several weeks ago, my friend came to Bandung and we decided to try some cafes in here (in fact, we only tried one cafe lol). We decided to visit Sejiwa Coffee, because I was that curious about that cafe. Just like what I saw in instagram, the cafe has a good place and it feels nice. Sejiwa Coffee located in Progo street.

Those croissants somehow attract me

Accidentally saw this Sapardi's poet

So, I really want to go back to this cafe because I don't know, I just feel nice being in that place haha. For the food, I think it's a bit pricey for me? but it's okay because who won't spend their money on delicious food right? I can't tell the details about the food since me and my friend only ordered pancakes lol (it was 10 o'clock and we only wanted not-that-heavy-breakfast), but I can sure you the sweet ice tea was that good (I meant it's different from the ordinary sweet ice tea???).

After going from Sejiwa Coffee, another friend joined us and she wanted to go to Mom's Bakery. The first step I came in, I totally excited to see this place because omg it's just like those old bakery shops. And plus those bakeries looked delicious tho. Mom's Bakery located exactly in front of Sejiwa Coffee.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

World Stamp Exhibition

So, hi everyone! On August 5th 2017, I went to World Stamp Exhibition that held in Bandung, specifically in Trans Studio Mall. I went there because one of my junior asked me to come to a Postcrossing Meet Up in there. I was soooo happy to go to the exhibition and the meet up event, because it was amazing! You can see a lot of stamps and postal things from other countries and also make some new friends from the meet up event hahaha. I also surprised because there were a lot of people came to the event and they were so enthusiast to see and buy some postal things. I can't believe that there're still a lot of people who care about those postal things in this modern era, hehe.

As you can see, this was the queue for the daily stamps booth. Many people came to get the daily stamps. I didn't get the daily stamps because the queue was that long :(

And yeah, this was in front of the booth. You can see that it was that crowded hahaha. After passing the booth, I went to the meet up location. There were a lot of people in there and they were exchanging their cards to be signed by each other. There were also a lot of foreigners came to the meet up event.

 Meet Up Event's post mark!

Me and my juniors from the high school

After that, I went to the exhibition area. There were a lot of stamps booth from other countries and you could buy some stamps or postal things in this area. I was amazed at the first because finally I can get some stamps from the rare countries lol and those stamps are soooo pretty. I was kind of confused, which stamps that I should buy lol. Oh, the sellers were originally from their countries too, so you could interact with them to improve your language skill, haha!

Stamps from North Korea, one of those rare countries! (for me haha)

I was really happy to see a lot of pretty postal things and meet another postcrosser from other countries! Glad that actually, there are still a lot of people who love postal things too (yes, I saw a lot of people buy stamps and other postal things!). Oh, I got a lot of stuffs from the meet up event and also I bought some stamps from the booth. I was that happy that day!

Those are the things that I got from the meet up event and some stamps that I bought. I was happy because I could get those things for free! Hahaha (for some stuffs, of course). Hope that later I can join this kind of event again and don't forget to save some money first hahaha!

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Another Short Getaway

Sooo, finally holiday in here, but sadly I still have to stay in Bandung due to some works(?) that I have to do during this holiday huhu. Last weekend, I attended a makrab that was hosted by KGMC and I was super excited because the villa's so pretty hahaha. Well, the event was good tho and I enjoyed it, but I also felt a little sad because there weren't many people from my year who could attend the makrab :(

The happy thing that happened in there was I could go hiking! Finally yeaaaah! There's a small mountain--or you can say it a hill, near to the villa. The name of the hill is Bukit Batu or Gunung Batu. Me and my friends went there and we were stunned because of the beautiful scenery that we saw in there. Oh ya, it is located in Dago Atas area, near to Lembang and it takes about 15 - 20 minutes from our villa to go to the hill.

As you can see, we had to go to that hill (in the center one). We had to go to the highest peak of that hill. The first time I saw that hill, I couldn't imagine how can we go up there, since it was looked so high and we couldn't see the path to go up there. I felt amazing when I saw the hill because wow finally I went hiking to that kind of high place lol.

Sooo this was the path that we had went through to go to the peak. It was amazing, seriously. The slope of the path was quite high so sometimes it was hard to walk in the path. We can start to see beautiful sceneries from here. We can even see our villa from here hahaha.

Finally we've reached the peak of the hill! Those 2 photos represented the beautiful scenery that we saw from both side of the hill. We were tired but it was all paid off after we saw this beautiful scenery. I still can't believe I could be in the peak with my friends hahaha, we were so happy. I hope I can go to these kind of places again because I do love mountains or hills so much!

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Yogyakarta, 2017 (2/2)

Finally I have some spare time to post the second part of my holiday! So yeah, I'm so happy to write again in my blog. So, after we went to Indrayanti Beach, we went back to the city and had a rest. But, I already had a plan to meet my friends who studied in Yogyakarta last January, so we decided to meet in Tempo Gelato because I was so curious about how delicious the ice cream in that place lol.

Tempo Gelato is located in Kaliurang Street, it is near to Gadjah Mada University. The place is not that big but it is so crowded. When I went to Tempo Gelato, there were a lot of people who bought the ice cream too and had a small talk in there. But it's a nice place to go.

The ice cream that I bought! The flavors was matcha and cookies if I'm not wrong (I forgot lol). It was so delicious and the price was not that expensive, I think. Unfortunately, when I went to there, there were a lot of flavors that already run out. I guess, if you want to go there, make sure you can go there as fast as you can lol.

The next morning, we went to Kalibiru in Kulon Progo area. It was a place with beautiful scenery and had some unique photo spots. Kalibiru seems like being everyone's favorite spot for taking good photos hahaha. Well, I admit that the place is soooo beautiful and the scenery is amazing tho.

It is located not that far from the city. It takes about 2 hours (maybe? I forgot I'm sorry :() to go there. Oh, you must be careful when you go there because the road was amazingly amazing (do you get what I mean? hahaha), but you will be paid after seeing that beautiful green-scenery. Oh ya, I do not recommend you to go there in the holiday era, because you will face that long queue when you want to take some photos in some spots. After spending time in Kalibiru, we went to Merapi Mountain to had kind of jeep tour in Merapi area. It was my very first experince to had that kind of off-road journey, but it was supppeeeer amazing! I really recommend you to have a Merapi jeep-tour if you go to Yogyakarta because it's that worth it! You will see amazing things in there. I visited a mini museum--it was actually a home that was destroyed because of the eruption. You will see some apparatuses that half melted bacause of the eruption in mini museum. After that, I visited a big rock that was thrown from the top part of the mountain.

From this place, you will see the big rock that was thrown from the top area of the mountain. You also can see the path that made of the lava flow. The path was quite big, so you can imagine how many lava that was flowed from the top part of the mountain.

I also visited a bunker in Kaliadem, still in the Merapi Mountain area. The bunker was no longer used by people. There was a story in this bunker that made the bunker is no longer being used. 

In the last eruption of Merapi Mountain, the bunker's door was opened so that the lava could come into the bunker. Because of the changing of the temperature after the eruption, the lava froze. As you can see, that grey thing that looks like a rock is actually the frozen lava from the last eruption. From Merapi Mountain, we went back to the city because we had to go back to Cirebon. I was so sad because my holiday was ended lol, but I was so happy that I could visit Yogyakarta again! I really want to go there again someday because I love those green-sceneries and the beautiful beaches :) Hope I can go there with my friends someday!

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Yogyakarta, 2017 (1/2)

I love holiday!
Finally after having those final exams, holiday is coming! So, I'm in holiday right now. I did some snailmail things and postcrossing things in this holiday because I miss sending some letters and postcards hahaha. I also read some novels that I have to postponed before due to the exam. And, this week, my family decided to go to Yogyakarta and I was soooo excited. I really want to go to Yogyakarta again because there are a lot of new beautiful places in there. I went to Yogyakarta on Thusday (January 5th), we arrived around 12 pm, then we went to Upside Down World.

Well, it is a nice place to see because the place is so unique lol and also there are a lot of good spots for taking some photos with friends or family.

If you go to Upside Down World in the holiday, make sure that you have to go to there as fast as possible because the queue is quite long and it's quite expensive I think. After that, me and my family went to Prambanan Temple. Unfortunately, it was raining so we saw the Prambanan Temple only, and didn't take a look at the other temples.

The next morning, we went to Kebun Buah Mangunan. I know that place from instagram since there were a lot of people who already went to that place and I really love the scenery that we can see from that place. It was sooo beautiful. It is really nice when you go to there in the early morning, you can see the sunrise from there.

The place reminds me of Tebing Keraton in Bandung hahaha. Kebun Buah Mangunan is located in Wonosari, Gunung Kidul area. The ticket price is cheap and you can see that beautiful scenery from that place. Next, I went to Hutan Pinus Mangunan. It's located near to Kebun Buah Mangunan. You can see a lot of Pine trees in here and it's sooo pretty.

My last destination in that day was Indrayanti Beach. Seriously, the beach was so pretty and the water was pretty clean. It was nice to go to the beach, you can release your stress for a while lol. Unfortunately, the wave was quite big when I went to there, but it was okay.

I really love those big rocks, they match perfectly with the sea. 

So, that is the first part of my holiday. I really recommend those places because as you can see, those places are so unique and beautiful right? I hope I can go to those places again someday. Will continue with the second part soon!

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